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Coaching Plan Example #1

Ms. Jones has successfully completed CORE and received Meets Standards or Needs Improvement during Module 4; she is now eligible to carry a caseload.

On April 15, 2016, Guy Johnson met with Amanda Jones to review the evaluation results received from CORE. Ms. Jones’ Coaching Plan will last ninety (90) days and will focus on areas of improvement when interviewing children and adults with a focus on assessing safety. Ms. Jones’ Coaching Plan is below:

During the next ninety days, Ms. Jones (CW Specialist) will complete at a minimum, four adult interviews and four child interviews. Mr. Johnson (supervisor) will observe each interview and evaluate Ms. Jones using the grading tools provided by the Training Unit. *Note*— supervisor must observe 4 interviews before they grade the 2 out of 3 for the final grade. The mentor can observe and coach as many times as necessary to provide support to the CW Specialist.

  • Specific areas for improvement in the adult interview are: exploring safety in substance abuse, domestic violence, behavioral health, and day-to-day parenting during each interview.
  • Specific areas for improvement in the child interview are: building rapport throughout the interview, clearly defining what “safe” means to the child, and addressing all the allegations with the child.

Ms. Jones needs to ensure she uses follow up questions throughout each interview and to use probing questions when discussing discipline, parental substance abuse and domestic violence. Mr. Johnson and Ms. Jones will meet weekly to discuss any challenges or barriers Ms. Jones may believe is impeding her learning. During her final evaluation by Mr. Johnson, Ms. Jones must successfully complete 2 out of 3 child interviews and 2 out of 3 adult interviews. At the end of the evaluation, Mr. Johnson will scan the grading sheets and send them to the child welfare training unit. If Ms. Jones has successfully completed 2 out of 3 interviews for each component, she will be granted a 50% caseload and proceed to the beginning of Phase 3. If Ms. Jones is unsuccessful, she will not be certified and a new modified coaching plan will be developed.

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