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Core Module 1

Day 1-4

  • Introduction and orientation to CORE, discussion of pre-CORE activities.
  • Discussion of values, culture, and OKDHS Child Welfare Practice Standards.
  • Understanding the importance of good engagement skills; discussion and activities designed to enhance individual engagement skills.
  • How to effectively engage clients through genuineness, respect, and empathy.
  • Avoiding the misuse of power through the casework method.
  • Considering the process of change and CW Specialist tasks in helping families through the process.
  • General protocol for investigation/assessment through the process of the Taylor family referral.
  • Awareness of content and process issues in interviews.
  • Child abuse and neglect as presenting symptoms of family dysfunction and individual, family, and environmental contributors to abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse.
  • Medical and physical aspects of child abuse and neglect and when to request medical examination.
    Preparing for client interviews; interview stages; interview styles; interview questions and strategies; opportunities to practice.
  • Using a genogram to elicit critical information from adults regarding family, history, and underlying causes.
  • Discussion of initial CPS process: using the Taylor family referral and initial contact.
    Child interviews – special considerations; assessing developmental level; continuum of questions; use of interview guides; interviewer preparation, behavior, and demeanor.
  • Completion of initial child interviews with the Taylor children.
  • Adult interviewing, complete parent interviews with the Taylor family.
  • Present/impending danger is discussed- Safety Plan(s) and Child Safety Meetings.