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Core Module 3

Day 1-4

  • Guiding policies and process of Concurrent Planning, ongoing discussion of the Indian Child Welfare Act: history and requirements.
  • Diligent search and finding appropriate kinship placements; initial kinship placement.
  • Work flow of case documentation in KIDS including initial resource care placements for the Taylor children, Placement Provider Information Report, and Change of Placement.
  • Purpose of child’s visitation with family members, maintaining connections and documentation in KIDS.
  • Purpose and documentation of CW Specialist contacts, providing for well-being of children.
  • Safety assessment in Permanency Planning.
  • Effective Family Functional Assessment (FFA) and introduction to behavioral service planning as the foundation of casework intervention. Utilizing the FFA to guide decision making and critical thinking on areas of functioning, which truly relate to safety threats.
  • Purposes and documentation of CW Specialist contacts with parents.
  • Utilizing the Family Team Meeting process to engage families and empower family members in constructive and collaborative casework relationships.
  • Completing search and demographics, adding collaterals in KIDS.
  • Discussion of Present vs. Impending Danger and using the Safety Threshold.
  • Completion of all interviews, documenting in KIDS screens.
  • Discussion of the Immediate Protective Action Plan (IPAP) and alternatives to custody.
  • Completion of the Assessment of Child Safety and documenting on KIDS.
  • Discussion of Safety Plan and Family Services Agreement.
  • Discussion of process of removing a child from his/her home.
  • Courtroom etiquette and testimony, discussion of Emergency Custody and Adjudicatory Hearing, practice in a mock courtroom setting.