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CW 1077 Assessing and Addressing Concerns in Resource Homes

In this course the specialist will learn about assessing safety in resource homes, as it relates to identifying concerns that can lead to Maltreatment In Care (MIC). Specialist will learn different levels of intervention and how to implement those interventions to remediate issues in resource homes that can lead to safety and well-being issues for children in care.  By the end of this course, specialists will be able to demonstrate the eight competencies related to this course through completion of course activities and a course posttest.


  • Recognize potential risk or concerns in a resource home.
  • Identify response time and the level of intervention needed to maintain safety in a resource home.
  • Distinguish between formal and informal interventions.
  • Clearly document the risks or concerns that have been identified.
  • Develop appropriate monitoring plans and follow-up strategies.
  • Demonstrate the ability to assess safety at every contact and visit.
  • Understand the importance of communication and coordination between DHS roles (FCS/CPS/PP/FC/A).

Intended Audience

This training is mandatory for all Foster Care/Adoption specialists who have completion CORE training. Specialists will be enrolled into this course by CW Training Coordinators, following successful completion of Provisional Certification.

This course is not required prior to being assigned a caseload.