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CW 1003 Cross Cultural Competence

This training challenges specialists to examine and better understand their own culture, norms, preconceptions, values, and belief systems and to explore the myriad of ways these filter and impact their perceptions, reactions, and interventions in Child Welfare situations.  Specialists will explore communication across cultures, cultural humility, diversity, cultural dissonance, and tools for achieving cross-cultural competence with families. Specialists will learn ways to acquire cultural knowledge, recognize cultural differences, achieve linguistic consensus to describe client families’ experiences, and locate/access culturally appropriate services where indicated.  Specialists will learn to utilize a trauma lens to examine stereotypes, prejudice, oppression, economic stratification, and behavior within the context of culturally-informed, non-judgmental conversations. Specialists will institutionalize culturally competent data into OKDHS systems of service and care.

Intended Audience

This training is mandatory for new specialists who have completed Core Training. Specialists are enrolled in this training by the CW Training Coordinators.