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CW 1037 Finding and Preparing For a Forever Home

Attention: This training is not currently available. Please check back for further updates.

This training is an overview of the adoption process from Termination of Parental Rights to finalization that includes the role of Resource Specialists and Permanency Planning Specialists.

  • How to facilitate timely, safe, and, best placement, to achieve permanency for children in care.
  • Preparing, and assessing the children for placement in a permanent home. Reviewing behavioral challenges, and how to assist in allowing for a smooth transition for the child, and the adoptive family.
  • Understanding Federal Laws when choosing an adoptive family, and how they impact children in care.
  • Discussing how to engage children in care in the search for a permanent home.

Intended Audience

This training is mandatory for Level 1 Specialists who have completed Core Training. Specialists are enrolled in this training by the CW Training Coordinators.