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OUSSW offers an online MSW program. CWPEP pays for the cost up to the current amount allocated for live (in-person classes). Employees are responsible for the remaining cost of the program.

The program is 60 hours and it takes 8 semesters, just like the live program; however the courses are sequenced differently. Due to the differences it does not appear likely students will be able to move back and forth between live and online programs.

The online and live are two separate application processes, if you want to be considered for both, you must apply to each program.

OU Norman has 2 MSW admission/start periods per academic year, both Spring and Fall rather than Fall only. CWPEP admissions are for Fall only because we do not have any CWPEP slots that become available in the middle of the academic year. Available slots occur when students graduate in May; therefore, we won’t have available slots for Spring admissions.

DHS employee’s may start the MSW program in the Spring semester, pay for associated costs and apply for CWPEP to cover ongoing costs. This process is true for employees applying for the online program which already has 2 start times per academic year.

Costs associated with CWPEP

 Employee’s sign a MSW student agreement With OUSSW covering the cost of specified educational expenses (i.e. instate tuition and fees for required social work classes, approved electives and required books).

For on-line courses, a stipend payment equal to the costs for instate on-campus tuition, fees for required social work courses and approved electives, plus payment for required books.

Employees are responsible for the remaining cost of the program.

In return the employee agrees to a minimum period of 15 months employment with DHS Child Welfare per 30 academic hours for the 60 credit program or 18 months for 36 hours for the Advanced Standing program.

The agreement covers other conditions related to repayment.

CWPEP does not cover either the application fees or the deposit associated with application.

Anyone who applies to OU on campus pays a $50 application fee that is not refundable nor is it applied to tuition.

Once accepted into the online Master in Social Work, students are required to submit a $350 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to your tuition, providing you enroll in the program and start with your designated cohort class. There is no application fee.

*Please refer to the OUSSW website to ensure current fees.

For additional information contact the school directly.

OU Social Work Online


This is my first time to assist an applicant with CWPEP what do I do?

    • Please review the application to ensure it is complete and you have scored the matrix (which is not included in the online form, rather is attached to the yearly memo announcing it is time to apply for the scholarship) based on the application.
    • (* Note if the applicant is already in CWPEP they do not need a matrix or an essay, this is for first time applicants only).
    • Matrix scoring- the supervisor confirms the applicants GPA. All new students are scored with a “2” under student status, unless: the student is currently attending OU School of Social Work (OUSSW) or meets the guidelines for advanced standing (has a BSW within the last five years). A transcript for the BSW must be attached and or a transcript from OU to receive a score of “5”.
    • If you have any reason not to consider approving the application, consult with your immediate supervisor.
    • If you approve the application, you will forward the completed paperwork to your immediate supervisor until it is received by your Deputy Director. If approved, they will indicate approval in an e-mail to you which may merely state “I approve”.
    • This e-mail and the application are returned to the original applicant. It is the responsibility of the applicant to forward the paperwork including the Deputy Director approval to Guy Willis within the timeframes set.


1) When may I apply for CWPEP?

A numbered memo from the CW director goes out to everyone in the fall, usually in September, providing directions and application requirements. Applications are for the academic year beginning the next calendar year.  The application is located on the infonet as FORM 04TR011E. The live MSW application window is October 1st to February 1st of each year.

Online enrollment remains open.

MSW Admission Information

Former CWPEP BSW student’s payback obligation is 12-18 months from hire date depending on the school attended. Employees must still meet the 2 year employment obligation to apply.

2) I am currently in CWPEP, do I need to reapply?

    • Yes. You must fill out an application if you are going into the second half of your foundation year or into your final concentration year. You will not complete an application if you are graduating next spring after having received a scholarship this past spring/summer which covers this current school year.
    • The application differs from first year: (1) you do not need to write another essay (2) a matrix is not required.
    • What is required paperwork: please see the numbered memo for current directions. You will need to complete the application, attach a letter of recommendation from your supervisor and your LMS training record.
    • Once your documentation has been approved by your Deputy Director and processed, you are eligible to utilize the scholarship- provided you meet the training hours by the due date prior to signing another contract. Your application being received and indicated as “application processed” indicates no further steps until you forward your training hours.

3) I don’t have two years of work experience currently, but have worked for Oklahoma DHS in the past, may I count this toward the two year?

Yes, you may count past work experience.

4) I left Child Welfare and have returned, may I count my past years of experience?

Yes. You may count past work experience toward the required two years of experience.

5) I don’t have two years of work experience right now but will have it by the date listed in the requirement, am I still eligible?

You must have two years’ experience by the date listed on requirement # 1 of the numbered memo. Your experience is not based on the tenure at the time you make application.

6) I am required to have completed forty hours of training each evaluation period. Is this our fiscal year July 1 to June 30 and does this mean I need to ensure I have completed 40 hours during the year?

    • Yes, you must be current in required training. When you apply, you may not have completed your hours and have until the end of the year to finalize.
    • A final LMS report is to be forwarded to Guy Willis upon completing the required hours and must occur prior to signing your contract.
    • Contract signing occurs usually in May, it is recommended your training hours are completed prior to prevent a delay. *See end of the document for additional information.

7) What is a Title IV-E reimbursable position in Child Welfare?

A Title IV-E reimbursable position in child welfare includes:

    • Permanency,
    • Foster Care,
    • Adoption,
    • Family Centered Services,
    • Pathways to Successful Adult Living (formerly Independent Living),
    • Family Team facilitators.
    • Hotline

A Comprehensive caseload can be considered IV-E reimbursable if it is less than 49% CPS.

CPS employees are eligible for the scholarship, however payback time must be in a Title IV-E reimbursable position.

CPS is not an IV-E compensable position because the services are mainly provided before a child is removed from the home and IV-E is a foster care and adoption funding source.  School based Social work also does not meet criteria due to being a Medicaid and TANF funding source vs the required majority IV-E.

8) What type of Master degree constitute as a “related field”?

    • Master’s degrees in a related field include for example: Psychology, Sociology, Human Relations, Counseling, Family and Child development.
    • Degrees in Criminal Justice, Education, and Religion would not be considered related degrees.
    • If you have questions regarding whether you degree qualifies, please forward a transcript to Guy Willis.

9) I have a Bachelor of Social Work, received within the last 5 years. Do I qualify to apply for advanced standing?

Yes. The Advanced Standing program is for students who have graduated with a BSW from an accredited   university within the last five years only. Your supervisor will score your Matrix under student status with a 5. You must attach a copy of your transcript with the application.

10) After I apply for admission to OU School of Social Work (OUSSW) what should I expect?

Around April 15, you will receive one of three responses:

    • An “offer of admission” from the OU Graduate College, upon which you must accept or decline.
    • Decline of admission, primarily related to GPA
    • A notice that you are eligible for admission, however, are placed on a wait list as their slots are full and you might be admitted any time before the fall semester starts- right up to the week before classes start.
    • The Online Program acceptance which is managed by a contractor will look different, however the acceptance form should be signed and e-mailed to the sender. This e-mail should be forwarded to Guy Willis, setting in motion contact for a review and signing of your contract.

The “offer of admission” is an email from the OU Graduate College to the email address the applicant used in their application. If you are offered admission, you must go in and either accept or decline. You will be able to forward the email you get from the grad college. You should put in Re:  School of Social work Admission – John Doe so it can be tracked.

Example e-mail:

Dear *name*,

You have received an offer of admission from the Social Work: Advanced Standing Option, M.S.W program for the Summer 20XX term. To view the offer and respond, click here and sign in using the same email address and password used to create your application.

Should you have any questions regarding this offer, or if you are unable to view your offer letter, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, or the Social Work: Advanced Standing Option, M.S.W program.

Kind Regards,

Office of Graduate Admissions | The University of Oklahoma | 731 Elm Avenue, room 318 | Norman, OK 73019

University of Oklahoma - Office of graduate admissions.

11) What do I do once I have been offered admittance to OUSSW, have accepted and received my acceptance letter?

To ensure a date is set for you to review and sign your contract, you must forward your acceptance letter from the school and indication you have accepted the offer via the form or online process prior to the deadline to Guy Willis.

12) What happens if there are more people applying for admission than there are scholarships?

    • Should the number of employees applying exceed the number of scholarships; the remaining applicants will be placed on a wait list and notified of their ranking on the wait list.
    • To ensure recipients are evenly distributed within the Agency, scholarships are allotted between 3 strata of the Agency.
    • The 3 specific groupings include: 1) CW specialist I-III, (2) Supervisors and Program Field Reps and (3) programmatic staff (i.e. FM/DD/PA etc.). In addition to equal distribution, the groupings result in an increased opportunity for employees with less tenure to receive a scholarship. Applicants are offered scholarships from each of the groupings if applicable, starting with group 1 and ending with group 3. Each grouping has a wait list, and alternate in order between the groups before cycling back to group 1.
    • The MSW scholarship is intended not only to assist through education in the profession but also provide an incentive for individuals to consider CW as career.

13) I am on the wait list for a scholarship – what does this mean?

    • If an employee elects not to utilize the scholarship or is not accepted into OUSSW, the next employee on the wait list will be notified and offered the scholarship.
    • If you have applied for admission and are accepted, you may elect to accept any scholarship that is not utilized if offered.
    • If you elect not to apply to OUSSW by the required date, and a scholarship becomes available, you are not eligible to receive a scholarship.

14) I am on the wait list for a scholarship but must be accepted into OUSSW to receive a scholarship should one become available. Do I need to apply to OUSSW even though a scholarship may not become available?

You must apply prior to the admission deadline and be accepted to OUSSW if you plan to wait for and receive a scholarship.

MSW Admission Information

The application window is October 1 to February 1.

15) I have a scholarship, have been admitted to OUSSW, however I am on their wait list, what do I do?

You must be accepted into the school prior to the deadline or your scholarship will be offered to someone on the wait list who is admitted. It is not uncommon for students who are admitted to drop, prior to school starting. Continue to monitor with OUSSW and notify status updates.

16) I have received a CWPEP scholarship and was not accepted into OUSSW what does this mean?

If you are not accepted into OUSSW and have a scholarship, you must notify Guy Willis immediately. Your scholarship will be offered to someone on the wait list that was admitted.

17) I am on the CWPEP wait list and was accepted into OUSSW, what should I do?

You may accept the admission and either:

    • Attend school while paying for the associated costs and apply for CWPEP later
    • You may accept admission and wait if a scholarship becomes available for use
    • You may elect to drop out of school, however you must notify the school of your intentions
    • Ensure you complete required training hours if you plan to wait for a scholarship to become available.

18) I have been placed on the wait list for OUSSW and have not been admitted, what do I do?

You must be admitted prior to the deadline to utilize the scholarship.

19) I am currently attending OUSSW, working on my MSW. May I apply for a scholarship?

Yes, you may apply. Your matrix score would be a “5” as a returning student and you must attach your most recent transcript from OUSSW.

20) I am employed with Oklahoma Human Services, not with Child Welfare, may I apply?

Yes, you should notify your supervisor of your desire to apply and explain the commitment to work (based on the number of credit hours indicated on the memo) for Child Welfare upon completion of your education.

CWPEP Training Hours

The intent is to ensure applicants complete required yearly minimum training of 40 hours. To some extent, the content of the 40 hours is driven by the employee’s individual supervisor and development plan on his/her HCM. The training hours are to be completed by the end of the fiscal year which aligns with the HCM.

For supervisors, per policy, a minimum of 12 hours should be job-related training expanding knowledge and skills to coach specialists, etc. For CW Specialist III’s, training which expands skills for service delivery as well abilities to coach specialists, which aligns with a primary role, fulfills the requirement. CW Specialist I and II’s meet requirements through required level training. The hours for supervisors must be geared toward specific duties versus training credit for required business meetings, etc. Participation in quarterly supervisor meetings and training credits for attending varied meetings which tend to be informational while also being critical to business would not satisfy the expectations for supervisor training hours.

New CW Supervisors complete required hours through the Academy and CW Specialist III’s currently earn 20 hours for obtaining Mentor Certification.

For CWPEP, training hours should be confirmed prior to contract signing in May to prevent any delays; however, an employee has from July 1st of this fiscal year until June 30 of the fiscal year to complete training hours.  An employee is eligible to sign his/her contract when his/her hours are completed and verified.

Note that training hours may include a level course in the Training Unit or an outside the agency training.  Excellent out of the agency training exists that align with child welfare practice and are eligible for training credit. Employees are encouraged to email the Training Unit ahead of time to determine if an outside training would reach the threshold for continuing education.

Below is an example of the decision form and may not have current links or course options.

Decision Notification Form Example Options


60-hour Part-time MSW Program:

The OU-Norman program for which you have been recommended:

  • Part-time program – to begin Fall 2021 (3 year option). You will have the choice of enrolling in the following class options.  You can mix weeknight and weekend options.
  • Weeknight option:  Every Tuesday 6-9 pm and Thursday 6-9 pm at OU Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City
  • Weekend option:  Every Saturday 9-3:50 with 1 hour for lunch (in class & online) Norman campus

On home football game Saturdays, class will meet via ZOOM.

I plan to attend the Anne & Henry Zarrow School of Social Work as outlined above.

  • Yes
  • No, I decline your offer at this time.

Student Name: *Student name*
Date: *Date*

Please email or fax your completed form to Susan Blossom (or 405-325-4683) by April 15, 2021.   If we do not receive your response by that date, your spot will be filled by another applicant.   

If your plans change after accepting our offer, please notify us.

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