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Specialist Certification – Phase Three – Instructions to Supervisors

The third and final phase of Certification occurs in the field based upon direct observations of the CW Specialist by a supervisor. 

  • Supervisors are required to observe the new CW Specialist on at least 4 adult and 4 child interviews, which need to be “live interviews”.  The observations should take place over an 8 week period, ensuring the Supervisor’s ability to observe, assess and coach the CW Specialist, with the last 30 days being used to assess the CW Specialist and the progress he/she is making.  At the end of 9 months, before a CW Specialist receives 100% caseload, he/she is evaluated a final time by the supervisor or a supervisor approved by the Field Manager or District Director.  The CW Specialist must successfully complete 2 out of 3 adult interviews and 2 out of 3 child interviews before moving to a status of 100% caseload (Phase 3).
  • If the CW Specialist completes only one set of interviews (i.e. child), the modified coaching plan focuses on the remaining skill set, for example:  adult:  he/she receives credit for what was completed consistent with the assessment from his/her CW Specialist Provisional Certification.
  • If the CW Specialist is not able to successfully complete 2 out of 3 interviews, he/she is given an additional 30 days (maximum) during which he/she is re-assessed and evaluated a 2nd time.  If the CW Specialist is not showing improvement the supervisor may want to consider utilizing another mentor/supervisor and modifying the coaching plan in an effort to best support the CW Specialist.  Should the CW Specialist continue to show signs of difficulty and/or no signs of improvement, the supervisor should consult with his/her immediate supervisor (FM/DD) specific to the parallel process of termination.  It is recommended to record meetings documenting coaching with both the supervisor and the CW Specialist having signed the grading tools. The grading tools are not developed as means to terminate employment; however the tools along with the other documentation would be part of the information utilized in making this decision
  • The CW Specialist must successfully complete 2 out of 3 interviews before moving forward in the process.
  • The modified coaching plan is developed and implemented for 30 days and the CW Specialist is evaluated again.
  • At the end of this 30 day period, the Supervisor makes a final recommendation regarding the CW Specialist and his/her certification status.
  • If the CW Specialist successfully completes 2 out of 3 interviews, the certification process is considered completed after the supervisor submits the required evaluation documents to the Training Unit.
  • The Training Unit will provide the Supervisor with a certificate of completion for the CW Specialist.  The CW Specialist is now eligible for a caseload status of 100%.
  • After the evaluation (regardless of the outcome), the following paperwork is completed by you and uploaded to a Qualtrics link which is provided to you via an email from the CW Training Unit :
    • Grading sheets of the 4 adult & 4 child interviews observed by the supervisor.
    • Copy of the Coaching Plan(s).
    • Grade sheets completed for each interview assessed for the evaluation of the child interviews and the adult interviews.
    • 2nd Certification Document signed by the CW Specialist, Supervisor and Field Manager/District Director.
    • Surveys by both the CW Specialist and his/her Supervisor.

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