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Child Protective Services

  • Level 1 Post Core Learning

  • Following testing in Mod 4, specialists will continue to Mods 5 and 6 based on their scores from Mod 4. In some cases, a specialist may need to take an additional 30 days prior to enrollment in Mod 5 and Mod 6. See Certification Handbook for more specifics.

    Module 5 contains a variety of training topics that are relevant to all programs, whereas Mod 6 has specific programmatic emphasis. Below are the classes, listed in preferred priority to complete.

    Mod 5 preferred priority is: CW 1024 Domestic Violence, CW 1003 Cross-Cultural Competency, CW 1150 Specialist Safety

    Mod 6 preferred priority is: CW 1004 Family Centered Services, CW 1005 Specialized Child Protective Services, CW 1115 Child Safety Meetings

    CW 1008 Basic Legal is expected to be completed once a specialists is provisionally certified, which occurs after successful completion of Modules 5 and 6.

    CW 1009 Substance Abuse and Mental Health is to be completed once a specialists obtains 75% caseload status, which follows completion of Phase 2.
    CW 1002 Child Sexual Abuse, which can be taken following the completion of Phase 2 (75%).

    The Training Coordinators will enroll all specialists into training from Core enrollment through Level 1 completion. Level 1 training courses are expected to be completed within 18 months of hire.

  • Level 2 Intermediate Learning

  • Child Welfare Specialists in specialized tracks must complete their Level II training within 36 months of their CORE graduation date.