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Child Protective Services

Program Course Check List – CPS / Hotline (PDF)

Following Provisional Certification, which occurs in Module 6: Putting It All Together, the training coordinators will enroll specialists into their Post CORE Required Levels. Those courses are as follows:

CW 1005: Specialized Child Protective Services Policy

CW 1004: Family Centered Services for CPS Specialists

CW 1115: Child Safety Meetings

Once these Post CORE Required Levels courses are completed, specialists will be considered Provisionally Certified and eligible to carry a partial caseload (50%).

During the next 18 months, training coordinators will enroll specialists into ongoing Levels training courses, which include:

CW 1024: Domestic Violence

CW 1009: Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse. This is a two part course and the online portion of this course is required to be completed prior to being enrolled into the classroom.

CW 1002: Introduction to Childhood Sexual Abuse

CW 1100: Early Childhood Development

CW 2005: Advanced CPS

CW 2025: Medical Aspects