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Following Provisional Certification, which occurs in Module 6: Putting It All Together, the training coordinators will enroll specialists into their Post CORE Required Levels. Those courses are as follows:

CW 1004: Family Centered Services for CPS Specialists

CW 1005: Specialized Child Protective Services Policy

CW 1006: Permanency Planning

CW 1115: Child Safety Meetings

*CW 1020: Family Centered Services for FCS Specialists

*This course may or may not be required depending on if the specialist is sharing time in FCS or Permanency Planning.  CW 1020 is not required to be completed prior to carrying a partial caseload, as it is offered less frequently. This course must be completed prior to specialists being fully Certified (100% caseload).  The pre-requisite for this course is completion of CORE and CW 1006: Permanency Planning.

Once these Post CORE Required Levels courses are completed, specialists will be considered Provisionally Certified and eligible to carry a partial caseload (50%).

During the next 18 months, training coordinators will enroll specialists into ongoing Levels training courses, which include:

CW 1002: Introduction to Childhood Sexual Abuse

CW 1009: Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse. This is a two part course and the online portion of this course is required to be completed prior to being enrolled into the classroom.

CW 1024: Domestic Violence