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CW 2100 Assessing Concerns for Resource Homes

This is a level 2 course wherein the specialist will be learning about assessing safety in resource homes, as it relates to identifying concerns that can lead to Maltreatment In Care (MIC). Eligibility for this course requires that the specialist has completed all required Level 1 courses. This course is worth 6 Credit Hours. In order to enroll into this course, please click on the Enroll button.


Upon completion of this session, the specialist will be able to:

  • Identify potential risk or concerns in a foster/adoptive home
  • Identify the level of intervention needed
  • Clearly document the risks or concerns that have been identified
  • Distinguish between formal and informal interventions (and what parties must be included for each)
  • Can identify response time and appropriate interventions to maintain the safety, well-being, and permanency needs of children who are placed in Out of Home Care

Additional Information

Successful completion of these practice behaviors will be determined by instructor evaluation, participation in course activities, and posttest scores.

Intended Audience

Foster Care and Resource Specialists