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CORE Learning

CORE is required training for all newly hired Child Welfare Specialists.

Training consists of Pre-CORE, CORE, and On the Job Training (OJT).  Pre-CORE occurs mostly in the office, although there is a ½ day of KIDS/Referral Training.

CORE currently consists of information that is delivered in the classroom through five modular sessions and in the office, through On the Job Training.  A sixth module is required for some specialists and is determined by job assignment (i.e. Permanency vs. CPS).

CORE Enrollment Information

CORE Online Enrollment Request

Before attending CORE

  • Participants will need to have two weeks in the office and complete the required CORE Enrollment Packet as listed below.
  • Please refer to the Supervisor Mentor Guide for the most updated information.

Core Schedule FY 2020

CORE Time Schedule for Core’s 388-390

– 10:00am to 5:00pm
– 8:00am to 4:30pm
– 8:00am to 4:30pm
– 8:00am to 4:00pm
– Return to county office (see Staffing Notes and Friday Return Checklists for each module of training)

CORE Time Schedule for Core’s 400-405

All Classroom Modules begin day one at 9:00am. Remaining classroom days begin at 8:00am

Certification Days begin at 8:00am

Lunch Schedule

Lunch will be provided / Time: 1hour
Lunch will be on your own / Time: 1hour, 15 minutes

Attendance Information:

Attendance & Timeliness: Child Welfare Specialists should plan to be on time and attend each day of CORE learning. Tardiness creates a disruption and will be discussed with the Child Welfare Specialists’ supervisor. Absences are approved by the Training Unit on a case by case basis.

Approval of Leave: Any leave requests will be directed to the Child Welfare Specialists’ supervisor for approval. Annual leave should not be approved during CORE Learning. Any CW Specialist with planned leave will be required to wait until the next available CW Specialist CORE Learning Session. Child Welfare Specialists who miss any portion of CORE due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances may also have to wait until the next scheduled CORE group to attend training.

Inclement Weather: Under no circumstance should CW Specialists feel forced to travel in inclement weather if he/she feels uncomfortable or unsafe in doing so. If CW Specialists choose not to attend due to inclement weather, he/she are expected to contact his/her (their) supervisor to discuss plans to return to the county office or take appropriate leave. If he/she have questions, he/she needs to call the CORE Coordinator. Information regarding closing or delays will be listed as soon as a decision is made on our website in the News & Updates Section.

Make-up Days: The decision to make up days due to emergencies or inclement weather will be made on an individual basis. The decision will be based on the amount of time missed, the content missed, and the CW Specialist’s progress.

The Modules are:

Module 1

Engagement Skills, Indicators of Abuse and Interviewing Adults and Children

Information about day 1-4

Module 2

Protection and Prevention in Child Welfare

Information about day 1-4

Module 3

Children in the System

Information about day 1-4

Module 4

Adult and Child Interviewing Provisional Certification Testing

Information about day 1-3

Module 5

Consists of various levels classes required for all newly hired Child Welfare Specialist.

Module 6

Consists of various levels classes, required based on job assignment.

On the Job Training

On the Job Training occurs during the weeks between Mods 2 and 3 and between Mods 3 and 4.

Resource Documents

CORE Activities & Checklists

Some activities and checklists are still in remediation. Please request any documents needed from Child Welfare Training.

AOCS Examples

The AOCS Examples are still in remediation. Please request any needed AOCS Examples from Child Welfare Training.

  • Bell AOCS
  • Brooks AOCS
  • Fuentes AOCS
  • Guess AOCS
  • Malone AOCS
  • Martin AOCS
  • Smith AOCS


Questions about New Specialist Certification?
Contact the New Specialist Certification Coordinator