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Core Learning

Core is initial training which is required for all newly hired Child Welfare Specialists in the state of Oklahoma

Specialist Programs

Child Welfare Specialists training role categories include Child Protective Services (also Hotline), Family Centered Services, Permanency Planning, Comprehensive (both CPS and PP), and Resource

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Knowledge Base

Online learning library with quick reference information on practices, processes, systems and training support.

Child Welfare Services

Continually striving to provide staff with necessary resources. Please contact us if you have suggestions or ways to improve our work.

Critical Stress Debriefings

All requests for Critical Stress Debriefings should be directed to Mandy Dembowski

Office Phone: 405-325-9921


Child Welfare Practice Standards

Quality Standards

News & Updates

Check here for news and updates.

LMS Help

FAQs providing instructions to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about using