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CW 5122 Child Behavioral Health Screener

Course Objectives

  • Explain how trauma affects children and what it means to be trauma-informed and trauma-responsive
  • Discuss the benefits and goals of the CBHS
  • Identify which children will be screened and to whom the CBHS is administered
  • State how frequently screenings will occur and in what settings
  • Document CBHS results in KIDS and access previous screener results
  • Analyze elevated scores and recognize possible causes for the scores
  • Question caregivers to probe for underlying issues revealed via the CBHS
  • Select the correct form to create a referral
  • Question behavioral health providers to determine their appropriateness in treating children in care
Note: The 3 Booster Activities are to be completed in phases after you have completed the Post-Assessment. You will receive an e-mail notice alerting you when to complete each Booster set. Completion of these activities is required for full course completion.

Intended Audience

This is for Child Welfare Specialists, Lead Workers, Supervisors, Field Managers, Program Staff and District Directors