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CW 6020 Coaching

Coaching provides an environment where Specialists are challenged and supported to try new skills and techniques in a setting that is safe enough to be vulnerable enough to receive feedback on skills, which does not indicate the process is easy or comfortable. It may be challenging. This mirrors the same process we take in our work with our clients.

Coaching focuses on the actions, responses, and decisions of a Specialist in providing services to the children and families they serve. Effective coaching is critical to building Specialists’ competencies, including reinforcing Oklahoma Child Welfare ethics and values, practice/Quality Service standards, encouraging self-reflection and critical thinking skills building upon training to enhance performance, and supporting the Specialist through decision-making and crises. Self-reflection allows the Specialist to examine and consider ways to improve their own practice.


This training does have a mandatory pre-requisite to attend CW 6010 – Best Practices “This is How We Do It” prior to this course.

Intended Audience

This training is for Child Welfare Supervisors, District Directors, Regional Directors and Field Managers