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CW 5035 Permanency Safety Consultations (PSCs)

Permanency Safety Consultations (PSCs) online training is a mandatory annual training which is designed for all Child Welfare Staff. It aims to help Specialists have a basic understanding of PSCs, such as the intent of PSCs, the frequency of PSCs, and the involved people in PSCs and their corresponding responsibilities, ect. After completing the training, participants are expected to know how they can better prepare for PSCs specific to their roles, in order to achieve more high- quality safety conversations.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and goals of PSCs
  • Acknowledge who are involved in PSCs and recognize corresponding responsibilities
  • Review cases and identify the specific unsafe behaviors which lead to the removal and the current risky behaviors preventing reunification
  • Develop an appropriate plan addressing the child’s immediate and long-term needs for safety, permanency, and well-being
  • Document PSCs in KIDS accurately and timely

Additional Information:

This is an Annually Required Training
Approximate duration: 1 hour
Module titles:

  • Course Introduction
  • Module 1: Overview of PSCs
  • Module 2: PSCs Participants
  • Module 3: PSCs Fidelity Review

Credit for course is not given until Post Session Feedback and three post-training Booster activities are completed.


This is for Child Welfare Permanency Planning Specialists, Mentors, Supervisors, Field Managers, and District Directors