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CW 1024 Domestic Violence

This training is intended to explore the impact of domestic violence on families who are involved with the Child Welfare system. Research shows children suffer lasting effects in many areas of their lives due to experiences with domestic violence. Specialists will learn how to identify domestic violence by determining if coercion and control are present. Specialists will learn how to increase safety in homes where control and violence occur for both the DV victim and child. Specialists will also learn how to provide opportunities for the batterer to stop controlling, coercing, violence in the home, and using children to control the victim.


By the end of this course the Child Welfare Specialist will be able to:

  1. Identify and apply core principles of Child Welfare practice in domestic violence.
  2. Summarize how power, control, and coercion is utilized by domestic violent offenders.
  3. Recognize and describe signs of domestic violence in families.
  4. Identify characteristics of the offender.
  5. Develop strength-based engagement strategies to utilize when working with families where domestic violence is present.
  6. Identify lethality risk factors in families where domestic violence is present.
  7. Identify systemic barriers for survivors of domestic violence when they are seeking assistance.
  8. Describe the impact and long-term outcomes of domestic violence on families.
  9. Distinguish between situational couples’ violence and intimate partner violence where control and coercion are present.
  10. Develop interview questions to assist in identifying domestic violence in families.
  11. Document domestic violence behaviors that hold the offender accountable.
  12. Collaborate with providers to identify signs in the offender that indicate accountability, responsibility, and behavioral changes

Intended Audience

This training is required learning for Level 1 Specialists who are completing Core and is considered part of your Core Required Level Classes.  It is designed to best serve entry level specialists.