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CW 1020 Family Centered Services for FCS Specialists

Pre-Requisites: CW 1006

This Level 1 training is an overview of policy and best practice in Family Centered Service casework. The training will build off the information learned in CW 1006 to increase knowledge and skills of the FCS specialist. The training will explore FCS policy and key responsibilities of the FCS specialist from case transfer through case closure. At the end of this training, the FCS specialist will have increased knowledge and practice of safety planning to control the safety threat, key timeframes in an FCS case, how to engage a family through the life of the case, when a safe FCS is appropriate, how the Family First Prevention Service Act impacts service delivery to families, when it’s appropriate to close an FCS case, and how to create an after care plan.

At the end of this course, the FCS specialist will be able to:

  1. Define the primary responsibilities of the FCS Specialist
  2. Apply key policies related to FCS cases.
  3. Describe and explain essential elements of the Families First Prevention Services Act.
  4. Describe the value of SAFE FCS cases.
  5. Assess and determine when higher intervention or case closure is required.