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CW 1004 Family Centered Services for CPS Specialists

This Level 1 training is designed specifically for the CPS specialist to equip them with the knowledge and skills to address the area of practice where CPS and FCS intersect. The training will explore FCS policy in order for the CPS specialist to know their responsibilities for case work and engaging the family through case transfer to FCS. At the end of this training the CPS specialist will enhance their skill of how to develop a safety plan that controls for the safety threat, how to evaluate safety plan monitors, identify protective capacity, and complete the FSA. The specialist will understand how to determine which cases may be appropriate for a referral to FCS, identify poor prognosis indicators, and be able to describe the key elements of an FCS case to families.


At the end of this training, specialists will be able to:

  1. Describe the key components and value of Family Centered Services cases.
  2. Apply key policies related to assessing CPS cases to accurately determine if FCS is appropriate.
  3. Describe how to assess and control for safety through safety planning and with safety plan monitors.
  4. Assess and identify family situations that represent poor prognosis for positive safety outcomes.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to engage families through the initial phase and processes of an FCS case and conduct a warm handoff to FCS.

Intended Audience

This training is mandatory for new specialists who have completed Core Training. Specialists are enrolled in this training by the CW Training Coordinators.