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CW 1007 Foster Care and Adoption New Specialist Training

This training is an overview of the foster care and adoption process. The training focuses on the resource approval process and includes an in-depth discussion of assessment and policy regarding resource homes. This training is for specialists designated before or during Core as Resource Family Specialists, Adoption Specialists, Adoption Transition Specialists, Recruitment and Development Specialists, or Post-Adoption Services Specialists.

By the end of this course, specialists will be able to demonstrate the eight competencies related to this course through completion of course activities and a course posttest.


  • Specialists can identify when general and proactive safety assessments need to occur.

  • Specialists will be able to assess safety as it relates to:  physical environment, resource family assessment review, protective capacities, and Child Welfare and Criminal history reviews.

  • Distinguish between Resource Family Home Approval and Initial Resource Approval

  • Accurately identify the criteria for Quads 1-4 and the Big Five Felonies

  • Specialists will be able to apply Foster Care/Adoption policies in their daily practice.

  • Appropriately and correctly document required information on the correct forms, and identify the various roles within the Foster Care/Adoption Program.

Intended Audience

This training is mandatory for all Foster Care/Adoption specialists who have completion CORE training. Specialists will be enrolled into this course by CW Training Coordinators, following successful completion of Module 6 Developmental Assessment.

This course is not required prior to being assigned a caseload.