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CW 5011 Foster Children Bill of Rights Online Training


This course will provide information about House Bill 2552, which was passed by the Oklahoma Legislature effective November 1, 2018 and covers the rights afforded to children in foster care. The Foster Children’s Bill of Rights is presented by the Office of Client Advocacy.


By the end of this course, the specialist will:

  • Be able to recognize the role of the Office of Client Advocacy (OCA) in ensuring foster children’s rights are respected and their complaints addressed
  • Identify the Bill of Rights afforded to children in foster care, the reasons they can choose to file complaints, and who can file on the behalf of children
  • Explain the processes for responding to and resolving complaints by foster children
  • Describe protection afforded to children in foster care when filing complaints and the rights of children to file retaliation complaints when they feel their complaints have resulted in unfair treatment

Intended Audience

All Child Welfare Specialists (CWS I, II, III), Supervisors, Field Managers, and District Directors are required to take this online course.