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RPT 4000 KIDS Workload Report Training

This 3 hour course will provide hands on training to increase the understanding of workload data and reports, workload calculations, and balancing a group workload.

KIDS Workload training is a hand-on three hour training that includes:

  • understanding workload data and the reports
  • how workloads are calculated
  • choosing the correct secondary type
  • understanding work that add to the workload percentage
  • balancing a group workload

Participants will have to opportunity to work with a small group in scenario exercises. At the conclusion of the training session, participants review their own data in regards to workloads and have the opportunity to explore other reports that impact workloads.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

Pull workload reports

Understand how to utilize reports and management of caseloads

Credit Hours

3 hours

Additional Information

There is a Post-Session assessment to show certification in subject matter