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CW 3300 Mentor Certification – Coaching

Coaching provides an environment where Specialists are challenged and supported to try new skills and techniques in a setting that is safe enough to be vulnerable enough to receive feedback on skills, which does not indicate the process is easy or comfortable. It may be challenging. This mirrors the same process we take in our work with our clients. Coaching focuses on the actions, responses, and decisions of a Specialist in providing services to the children and families they serve. Effective coaching is critical to building Specialists’ competencies, including reinforcing Oklahoma Child Welfare ethics and values, practice/Quality Service standards, encouraging self-reflection and critical thinking skills building upon training to enhance performance, and supporting the Specialist through decision-making and crises. Self-reflection allows the Specialist to examine and consider ways to improve their own practice. The next step in Mentor Certification is CW 3300 – Mentor Coaching. CW 3300 is a two-day classroom course that focuses on introducing basic coaching techniques. After specialists complete CW 3300, they will exercise their newly learned skills in the field.

Prerequisites for CW 3300

This training does have a mandatory online pre-requisite, Introduction to Mentoring Basics. The online component can be accessed through the DHS Child Welfare Online Learning Management System. Introduction to Coaching Videos – DHS Human Resources has developed four (4) introductory videos about coaching in human services. These videos cover; The Art of Connection, The Power of Presence, A Culture of Feedback, and A Culture of Resilience. These videos are intended to provide viewers with an orientation to how DHS approaches coaching across the agency. Each video will take approximately twelve (12) minutes to watch completely. All four videos must be watched to their completion before attendance to CW 3300 will be permitted. The online component must be satisfied before a participant can attend class. Participants are also expected to bring a completed copy of their MI Reflection exercise. The MI Reflection exercise is located in the DHS Learning Management System.

Post Requisite for CW 3300

An Activity Checklist for Mentors – Post CW 3300 / Pre 3444 will help guide practice during this time. The checklist has been provided to assist you with questions you may have as you work with your mentor through their activity checklist. This checklist can be located in the DHS Learning Management System or on this page in the Resources section. One of the components of the activity checklist is an observation of the mentor. Similar to the observations of newly hired Specialists, Supervisors will need to observe their mentor using the rubric provided in the Mentor Certification Grading Tool. Supervisors who have specific questions about the rubric may contact the Child Welfare Training Unit or may enroll in CW 3444 for more in depth instruction. Online Coaching Boosters – After completion of CW 3300 Mentor Coaching, the DHS LMS will send automatic notices to participants instructing them to take online coaching boosters. These boosters will help keep coaching concepts and skills in the forefront of a participant’s mind while practicing in the field. Boosters are short, online courses specifically designed to support the transfer of classroom learning to practice application. There are boosters required two (2) days after training is marked complete, two (2) weeks after the two day boosters are complete and one (1) month after the two week boosters are complete. All boosters must be complete before participants may attend CW 3444.

Intended Audience

Participation is limited to CWS III, CWS Level II with supervisor approval.