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CW 3032 Motivational Interviewing

CW 3032 Motivational Interviewing (MI) is the pre-requisite training for CW 3300. MI is a proven, client centered intervention method for addressing ambivalence to change. MI has been shown to improve case outcomes, promote change, and improve compliance. MI uses a menu of strategies and 5 principles to assess readiness to change and to address ambivalence on the part of the client. These are the centerpieces of motivational interviewing and are key in assisting the client in setting and achieving case goals. The workshop provides opportunities for learning and practicing MI skills in exercises and role-plays. Specialists will learn to assess their own skills and to give feedback to others using Motivational Interviewing strategies. Participants will also how to integrate these skills into their existing methods of casework.

Online Prerequisite for CW 3032

Prior to attending the classroom experience of CW 3032 Motivational Interviewing (MI), participants will be required to complete an online pre-requisite referred to in the DHS LMS as “part one.” This section typically takes participants 45 minutes to complete when done in one sitting. Progress in the course can be saved and returned to later if smaller intervals are used. Participants will be prompted by the DHS LMS when they attempt to enroll in the next available session of CW 3032. This online course introduces participants to the spirit of MI and foundational MI concepts so that classroom training and focus on practice exercises rather than instruction.

Online Post Requisite for CW 3032

After completing CW 3032 in the classroom, DHS LMS will prompt participants to complete a post-requisite referred to as “part two.” This online course will build upon the foundational skills, introducing more advanced MI concepts and allows for some limited practice of these newer skills. Participants must complete the post-requisite to receive credit for attending the classroom training CW 3032. Participants will also need to complete their MI Reflections Exercise – Complete Post CW 3032 / Pre CW 3042. This activity should be brought to CW 3042. (Exercise can be found on Mentor Certification page under Mentor Resource Documents)

Intended Audience

Participation is limited to Child Welfare Specialists Level IIIs and supervisors who have pre-registered on KIDS and completed CORE, Level I and Level II classes. If additional spots are available, Level II specialists that have completed all other Level I and Level II trainings may be allowed to enroll.