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CW 1006 Permanency Planning

This course is required for all Family Center Services and Permanency Planning specialists and occurs after CORE. CW Training coordinators will enroll specialists into this course following completion of Module 6 Developmental Assessment.


At the end of this course, specialists will be able to:

  1. Describe the value of Permanency Planning as it relates to the Child Welfare Practice Model and Practice Standards.
  2. Apply key policies of Permanency Planning to daily practice.
  3. Define the primary responsibilities of the Permanency Planning specialist.
  4. Demonstrate how to write a behaviorally based step for an Individualized Service Plan
  5. Effectively write an ISP, using the essential elements listed in the ISP Progress Report Guide
  6. Demonstrate the necessary skills to effectively plan and execute a Monthly Quality Contact with a parent/child.

Intended Audience

This training is intended for Permanency Planning, Comprehensive, and Family Centered Services specialists.