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CW 1006 Permanency Planning

This training is intended to broaden the scope of learning for Level 1 Specialists by reviewing the journey families take through the Child Welfare system, deprived court system, and the Oklahoma Child Welfare theory and practice. This training will equip specialists with the framework of the systems they are working within and the ability to guide families through those systems. Specialists will learn to utilize many components of the Oklahoma Child Welfare theory and practice in an effort to realize better outcomes for families. This training will instruct Level 1 Specialists on policy and practice expectations in regards to assessing safety, protective capacities, and underlying causes, writing plans to improve family safety, monthly specialist visitation, family engagement, and the court process.

The focus of instruction is to help the Permanency Specialist understand their role in the outcome of children’s lives as it relates to safety, permanency and well-being.

Intended Audience

This training is intended for Permanency Planning, Comprehensive, and Family Centered Services specialists.