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CW 1005 Specialized Child Protective Services Policy

This is a 2 day course

This training is mandatory for Level 1 CPS Specialists who have completed CORE, but is a great refresher training for tenured staff. The training presents an overview of CPS policy and procedures, including detailed information related to the safety threshold and protective capacities. Specialists will participate in various activities surrounding making safety determinations and subsequent interventions, the evaluation of safety plan monitors and their protective capacities, and the implementation of a safety plan.

Intended Audience

This training is mandatory for new Hotline and Child Protective Services specialists who have completed CORE training. Specialists will be enrolled into this training by CW Training Coordinators following the completion of Module 6 Developmental Assessment.


At the end of this course, specialists will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between Present and Impending Danger.
  2. Identify the safety threshold and apply it to case situations.
  3. Identify when a medical evaluation and/or other consultations are required during an investigation, per policy.
  4. Define and identify all PRFCs in the home, including protective capacities of those PRFCs and any safety plan monitors.
  5. Define what “good faith” attempts are for contacting families.
  6. Apply policy within the required timelines specific to initiating a case and documenting reports for Assessments and Investigations.
  7. Define who an appropriate collateral is and identify how to locate them.
  8. Identify what information can be disclosed to outside parties.