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News & Updates

Hello and welcome to the new Child Welfare training website. As you maneuver through the pages you will find new and updated guides / documents. Please use these new documents instead of any old versions you may have saved on your computer to this date. Some documents are still in remediation and may not be available. If your document is not available, please contact the Child Welfare Training Folder and a copy will be sent to you.

For those who have not used the new Learning Management System a page has been added with directions on how to use the system with guides and videos.

Please look to this page in the future for any updates or news going on. This page will be updated through the month.

Inclement Weather

Please check here for inclement weather updates.

Hazardous weather conditions are monitored by the training unit and agency. Decisions to delay start times or to cancel/reschedule trainings will be conveyed to the enrolled participant and/or their supervisor.

In the event of any changes in the training schedule, your training coordinator will contact you via phone or email.

CW Specialists who are concerned about inclement weather are expected to contact their supervisor regarding guidance.

Supervisors with Specialists attending CORE who are not able to attend should notify the training unit to explore options. Supervisors may contact the CORE Coordinator via the folder at  or Program Administrator/Supervisor. It is vital supervisors whose specialist have not received a state issued phone provide means for communication regarding changes and closely monitor agency communications regarding delayed start times or closures.

Specialists attending other trainings should notify their supervisor and the training unit to cancel attendance.