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Supervisor Academy — Module 4

Purpose: Ensure supervisors are current with expectations and are prepared to assess specialists’ practice and coach to meet expectations

Day 1 — ICWA (STO Program Staff)


  • Explain the steps every child welfare specialist must make to try to determine a child’s Native American status if the status is unknown
  • List the required actions child welfare specialists must take when children on their caseload are either confirmed as Native American or Child Welfare is unable to confirm their Native American status
  • Communicate ways supervisors can support the application of ICWA by child welfare specialists

Day 2 — DDS and Education (STO Program Staff)


  • Education – By the end of this training, supervisors will be able to:
    • Assist specialists in identifying Education laws that pertain to children in foster care
    • Advise specialists of the barriers children in care experience in their educational journey and how to address these barriers with tools, resources and processes outlined in Federal and State Laws, DHS policy and Education policy
    • Assist specialists in identifying the correlation between education and placement stability as it relates to children in care
  • Developmental Disabilities Services – By the end of this training, supervisors will be able to:
    • Increase awareness among specialists of individuals with disabilities and how to interact and respect these individuals from a person centered perspective
    • Provide specialists with eligibility characteristics that qualify an individual for DDS
    • Help specialists with the application process and documentation in KIDS
    • Advise and educate specialists on Federal and State laws and DHS policy that addresses individuals with disabilities in foster care

Day 3 — Coaching Follow-Up (Frank and Jill)

Purpose: To reinforce all learned supervisory skills to decrease drift, how coaching has reinforced their growth and identify areas of coaching in which to improve.


Supervisors will be able to:

  • Identify areas of coaching in which they are performing well
  • Identify how coaching has improved their performance
  • Devise a plan for improvement