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Foster Children Bill of Rights

Statement of Rights for Children in Foster Care

As a child in care, these are my rights as long as they are in my best interest, will keep me safe, and won’t go against judge’s orders.

I have the right…

  1. To be placed in a safe and healthy home of a family member; a foster parent
    or foster home that I’ve lived in before; or a home that is as close to my own home as
    possible and with people who will be able to talk with me in my own language, if at all possible
  2. To be placed with my brothers or sisters, if possible.
  3. To know about where I am going to live before I get there and maybe even get to visit the people or place first.
  4. To know what is happening with me, my brothers/sisters, and my family.
  5. To stay in the same school, if possible, and to get the best education I can get!
  6. To be told at least five days before I have to move somewhere else, unless it’s an emergency. And to be told why I am being moved in a way that I can understand. I will also have help moving my things, so I don’t have to leave any of my belongings behind.
  7. To clean clothes that fit and are right for the weather at the time.
  8. To receive good medical, dental, eye care, counseling and other things I need to be healthy and safe. To receive only the medicine my doctors say I need for my health and well-being (and not too much!)
  9. To have the right amount of privacy for my age for me, my things, and my conversations/texts. If I have a juvenile record, that is also to be kept confidential.
  10. To not attend church or church-type events, if I am not ok with it and to freely enjoy my own religion.
  11. To have a written plan for visits with my family and to be able to speak with my family and friends, if it is safe and fair.
  12. To talk to my lawyer, caseworker or CASA on a regular basis and to have a private talk with the judge, if I don’t feel like anyone on my team is helping or listening to my concerns.
  13. To help my case worker make my own service plan, understand what it says, and sign it, if I am able.
  14. To go to and speak at court hearings or family team meetings, if it is ok for kids to attend.
  15. To be able to have all of the services, placements, care, treatment and benefits I need. I am to be treated equally with no bullying or revenge.
  16. To join after school activities and social activities as long as it is family friendly and for my age group. (Like: sports, music, dance, scouts, etc.)
  17. To get a job and learn job skills, if I am old enough, and learn to budget my own money. I also have the right to all of my important papers when I’m 18 and can learn about Independent Living Services.

Want to talk with someone about your rights?

First, try talking with your caseworker. If you have tried that and it hasn’t helped or you are uncomfortable doing that then . . .

We are ALL here to help and you should feel free to contact us any time!

(pdf version of the Statement of Rights for Children in Foster Care)

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