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OUSSW offers an online MSW program. CWPEP pays for the cost up to the current amount allocated for live (in-person classes). Employees are responsible for the remaining cost of the program. The program is 60 hours and it takes 8 semesters, just like the live program; however the courses are sequenced differently. Due to the...
CWPEP Memo and Scoring Matrix
CWS 17-12 State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services To: Deputy Directors, Field Managers, District Directors, CW Supervisors and Program Staff From:  Deborah Shropshire Director – Child Welfare Services Date:   August 29th, 2022 RE: Pinnacle Point #3, Initiative 3 – Child Welfare Professional Enhancement Program MSW Scholarship Program In support of the Oklahoma Pinnacle Plan...
We are pleased to announce it is time to apply for CWPEP
Completed applications are due from the employee to their supervisor for approval by October 14, 2022. Deadline for the applicant to forward the completed and approved application to Guy Willis is November 1. *You must meet the admission criteria for OUSSW to be eligible to apply for the program. Below clarifies aspects of the process...

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