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New Course and Course Update Form with Instructions

  1. Fill out Change Request Form
    You can request this form from your Learning Consultant, Training Unit, if you select the New Course and Course Update Form (PDF).Please Include:

    • -Current Course Name/ Number
    • -Is this a New or Existing course?
    • -Online Learning, Seminar, or both?
    • -Intended Audience (This will help us assign numbers to new courses)
    • -Program (s)- What Program(s) need or would benefit from this training?
    • -Credit Hours?
    • -Type of change- If course already exists, what is changing?
    • -New course Title
    • -Policy Change/ Effective Date- When does this new material take effect?
    • -Practice Change- Does this change how Specialists do their job? If so- How?
    • -Level- Is this changing from a 1000 level to a 2000, ect?
    • -Course Description- What is this training about?
    • -Learning Objectives/Competencies- How will this change the way Specialists do their job?
    • -Length of training
    • -Timeline/ Frequency- When do Specialists need this training/ How often?
    • Pre/Post Test Change- If a new course, is there Pre- Work or a Pre-Test? If an existing course, does the Pre/Post need an update?
    • -Pilot/ Launch- When do we need to have ready to run as a “Pilot”, and when does it need launched?
    • -Training Unit Support Needed- What do you need to effectively run this training? (tools, coordination, ect.)
  2. Email the completed form with supporting documentation to Jamie Swain and CC: Guy Willis
  3. Jamie will then email you either a confirmation email, or a request for more information.
  4. Depending on the type of change/ course addition, a kick-off meeting may be scheduled in order to work out any details that may not be encompassed in the initial Change Request Form (if the changes are not major, then the kick-off meeting could be a phone call/ or further email discussion)In the meeting, we will determine the following:
    • Purpose of the course (desired behavioral change or performance need in the field)
    • Timelines associated to Content Development, Building for online, Beta testing for on line, Pilot, and Launch
    • How the competencies support the required outcomes of Safety, Permanency, and Well-being
      • Who/What, are the drivers for the competencies? (i.e. Executive Team, Co-Neutrals, Program Administrator)
  5. CPM will update/ add courses in LMS and also add to the Child Welfare Training Website
  6. It is the responsibility of Child Welfare to communicate directly with the field about any requirements associated (i.e. emailing the field about MIC or about Foster Child Bill of Rights).

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