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Supervisor Academy Overview

New Child Welfare Supervisor Competency Development’s expected outcome is to have trained supervisors upon the successful completion of Academy. The plan includes:

  • 4 weeks minimum of Pre-Academy activities;
  • 4 weeks of classroom training;
  • Several weeks (varies based on schedule) of required pre/post module work.
  • Certification of the supervisor’s knowledge and skills.
OU/DHS Training Center
617 W Rock Creek Rd
Norman, OK 73069
Six (6) sessions are typically offered each year.
To reduce the out-of-pocket expenses for new supervisors, lodging costs are direct billed to the Agency. Specific lodging information is e-mailed out to the supervisors prior to Academy. Lodging will be secured for eligible participants by the coordinators for Academy.
Mileage & Per-diem:
Mileage for all supervisors and per-diem for those in travel status are filed on the participants’ regular travel claim. Mileage may be claimed from the hotel to the training site but mileage is not claimed for personal travel including lunch and dinner. Lunch is provided to participants who attend Academy. Supervisors need to report the 4 lunches served at Academy on their mileage claim, as well as for full breakfasts offered at the designated hotel. Mileage should be claimed from duty station or home, whichever is closer. (Supervisors must travel in excess of 60 miles one-way from their workstation to the training site to be eligible for overnight lodging. Supervisors must travel in excess of 120 miles to be eligible for overnight lodging for night before Academy). Note: On the claim that the lodging expenses have been direct billed to the University of Oklahoma, use the Academy Training workshop announcement to document travel.
All supervisors must have a minimum of four weeks supervisory experience in their county office prior to attending Academy, and complete all Pre-Module 1 activities.
New supervisors must begin Academy in Module 1 and continue straight through until completion of training.
Dress Code:
How you dress plays a major role in how others perceive you at work. It is true of your workers, co-supervisors and our community partners. Supervisors are expected to dress professionally while attending Academy; no jeans, shorts, halter tops, t-shirts, tennis shoes, etc. are to be worn while attending Academy. If Supervisors attend Academy on Fridays, the dress code does not change.
Supervisors may enroll themselves online with the following instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. From the Child Welfare (Supervisor) drop down box choose the next available Academy.
  3. Enter all information. Do not enter information in all caps.
    1. EOD Date: Enter date you began your position as supervisor.
    2. Case Load: Check “None”
    3. County Office: State Office – STO is for OKC workers only. All others – choose the county in which you work.
    4. Position: Instead of your position please enter your track. Ex: Resource, Investigation, Permanency Planning, etc.
    5. County Director Information: Enter your District Director’s/Field Manager’s Information
    6. Lodging: If you are requesting lodging, please remember to check the “requesting lodging” box.
If a supervisor has been out of Child Welfare for more than 12 months, they must attend Academy.
Academy Training Hours:
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Attendance and Timeliness:
Supervisors should plan to be on time and attend each day of Academy. Tardiness creates a disruption and will be discussed with the supervisor’s superiors. Absences are approved by the Training Unit on a case by case basis.
Approval of Leave:
Any leave requests will be directed to the supervisor’s Field Manager/District Director for approval. Annual leave should not be approved during Academy. Any Supervisor with planned leave will be required to wait until the next available Academy Session. Supervisors who miss any portion of Academy due to emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances may also have to wait until the next scheduled Academy to attend training.
Inclement Weather:
Under no circumstance should supervisors feel they are forced to travel in inclement weather if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in doing so. If supervisors choose not to attend due to inclement weather, they are expected to contact their Field Manager/District Director to discuss plans to return to the county office or take appropriate leave. Information regarding closing or delays will be listed as soon as a decision is made on our website.
Make-up Days:
The decision to make up days due to emergencies or inclement weather will be made on an individual basis. The decision will be based on the amount of time missed, the content missed, and the supervisor’s progress.

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